We all need to work together to prevent the spread of exotic plants, pests and diseases to Australia. Every international arrival has the potential to carry unwanted threats that can impact our economy, environment, plants and animals, human health and lifestyle.

Every year, over 135 million tonnes of international cargo arrives into Australian ports. Pests and diseases can arrive in unintended ways. Global travel means that vessels, cargo and travellers may be at risk of carrying serious diseases with pandemic potential. Animals from overseas such as exotic mosquitos, are also capable of spreading serious human diseases including dengue fever, yellow fever and zika virus.

Everyone has an important role to play from identification to isolation, containment, treatment and prevention practices.

Vessels and cargo may be subject to inspections by National Border Surveillance teams. Monitoring via mosquito traps also occurs across the seaport and wharves for early detection and rapid respond to an incursion.

If you notice something that you think could be a biosecurity threat, you can report it immediately via the hotline on 1800 798 636 or complete the online form. Go to agriculture.gov.au/biosecurityconcern

For more information, visit the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website to view the Seaports Biosecurity Awareness eLearning packages.