Port Development Strategy

The Port of Hastings Development Authority is undertaking a Port Development Strategy (PDS) in accordance with the Port Management Act 1995.

The  recently released Victorian  Freight  Plan  2018  'Delivering  the  Goods' recognises that the ports of Melbourne, Geelong, Portland and Hastings are 'the backbone of Victoria’s commercial port  network'.  The Plan sets a strategic direction where BayWest is earmarked as Victoria’s second container port, whilst the Port of Hastings is to maintain the capability for development as the second container port location (and to be in reserve), should there be a change which alters future planning.

The development of the Port of Hastings Port Development Strategy will therefore focus on good planning outcomes and include evaluation of current and future demand for port  services, port infrastructure, local traffic and transport infrastructure needs outside the direct port precinct. It will look at infrastructure and port layout options to 2050 and address a range of environmental, community and economic growth drivers.

This 'PDS Project Survey' is an opportunity for you to highlight what you think are the important issues to be addressed in the PDS work underway.