Western Port has been an active trading port since the early 1800s, featuring a wide variety of trades either derived from the sea or dependent on maritime transport.



The Port of Hastings Development Authority was established in January 2012.
The Authority is responsible for managing existing trade at the Port of Hastings.


Health, Safety and Environment

The Port of Hastings lies within Western Port, an area that offers significant environmental values that are recognised worldwide.

Port Operations

Please contact the Harbour Master at the Port of Hastings office on 0429 008 812 for clarification on restrictions applicable to vessels at the various berths. 



We are committed to working closely with the Western Port community and other stakeholders.



The Port of Hastings is a security regulated port and has a Maritime Security Plan as required in the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act.

Planning and Development

The Port of Hastings Development Authority is here to assist potential and existing customers build their business at the ports of Hastings.



Stony Point Depot
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Crib Point
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